Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to Rêve

Rêve, n.m. Dream, idle fancy, day-dream, illusion.

What is your dream of France?  Come join us on our journey as we travel across this beautiful and incredibly diverse country and show you the places that we know and love, our French dream…of romantic interiors…


haystacks in winter~


of vistas that are post-card perfect, even with a moody grey sky~


Where we might happen upon a pastoral scene…


Or maybe the humor of a vintner’s entry~


And food…did we mention the food?  There will plenty to see, if only you could taste~



We will devote an entire volume to Antiquités; touring the foires and déballages of the South of France with a veteran antique dealer, as well as visit antique markets of Brittany.  We will visit our favorite antique shops across France, as well as many brocantes, vide-grenier and maybe even a vide-bateau or two.  We will show you parts of the collection of a 50-year flea market shopper, as well as a hôtel particulier that is stacked to the rafters with decades of flea market finds~


The polished and the perfect, the unvarnished and original, you will see it all~


For Laura, Elizabeth and I, this is our passion, this is our love, yes…our dream. 


We can’t wait to show you all this and much more.

bone handled flatware

Our first issue will be devoted entirely to Paris, where we’ll visit the best perfume houses, the Chateau of Chantilly, as well as our favorite museums.  But we’ll also show you the street scenes and other candid shots that make a trip to the City of Light so memorable.

day in beaune and at rachels 164

In the fall we have planned a trip to Marrakech, which has influenced so many designers from Yves Saint Laurent to Serge Lutens.  And in winter, we will be back in Burgundy for some holiday shopping, how to style your home for a French Christmas as well as tips on how to package some very simple items to create perfect French gifts.


Each of the four volumes to be published in 2013 will be in flip-page book format, for your iPad, Kindle or computer screen.  Each volume may be purchased singly for $6 or $20 for the series of four.

We hope you will join us for our journey across France in 2013. It promises to be completely authentic, rich with images, ideas and insights into the wonderful pays de La France.

Andrea, Laura & Elizabeth